Wherever I lay my head, that’s my home. My houseboat may take me to a romantic lakeshore, seaside or even to the big city. Cruising on a canal or down the river. Living, just the way I want. On the move, yet taking my home with me. She’ll take me to work in the city or to the country for a weekend spree. My home is motored, easy to drive and fully licensed/authorized for a cruise along the coast. But will it stand the waves and tides? Sure it will. My home on the water is safe – and she loves to be on her way. I want the comfort and space of a real house - yet on water: large windows, ample terrace space and furniture just like ashore. From the latest designers to Swedish simplicity or antique treasures, it’s my choice. My home on the water comes with a fully fitted kitchen. It even has a full bathtub and enough beds to accommodate my friends. Sure she prefers to be on the float, but my houseboat is also happy to anchor just in one place with me. From now on, this is how I’ll live. PRORETA.